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    hey there!! call me felix! or mash if you want to. the latter is the shortened version of a username i chose to go by at the ripe age of 12 and am therefore stuck with for the rest of my internet career </3. this site rarely updates cause im legitimately incomptent at html and css and therefore take ten million years to do anything, but i hope you, the reader, enjoy poking around anyways. i love love love poking around the sites here cause its like getting a peek into people's brains ^^. self expression and all that. which is SO hard to get across on like, twitter or discord. like how am i supposed to start a conversation with this faceless entity. i mean of course profile photos exist but come on that is barely any information to go off of. um anyways. i started this site in around october 2022 for no apparent reason beyond i thought it might be cool and now here we are. i hope i end up gravitating more towards this site as an archive of my life because i currently text about everything i do to discord which. Not good. having archives is important though, especially if your memory is dogshit! like me!! currently im in my, how should i describe it,, extended sickly victorian child era. i dress the part too because all of my problems are actually just a part of my aesthetic. im also (probably)(definitely) a pretentious hipster (evidenced by the fact that i have a neocities in the first place) who can't just enjoy things. so im probably gonna end up bitching about media i wholeheartedly love here too.

    OKAY ANYWAYS. theoretically i love talking to people however i also have severe social anxiety but im really nice i prommy (pensive tone). i do wish i was better at talking online though since im better at talking to people in person but people in person also have the tendency to think im weird. oh well! idgaf mindset towards literally everything in my life. although i may stop advertising this site to irls cuz i wanna be a freak in peace </3.

    pronouns: he/they
    age: moderately younger than a furby
    personality: BIG FAN OF JUXTAPOSITION. and secret third things. in general, i try to be kind to people? because that is what sensible people do? i really like reading about humans. in history documents or in like, the internet archive whatever works. i just really really like reading about other people. i think in terms of social media the one i felt like i vibed with the most ended up being tumblr (LMAO). i really don't know how to describe my personality but according to other people i have a strong one so hopefully that just comes across in my website??