doctor who (re?)watch

well. semi rewatch


OKAY so first a little bit about me. one i literally NEVER watch tv. and as in never i mean NEVER like the only shows i usually finish are under 12 episodes long. like im pretty sure the last show i finished was good omens (i am actually in the middle of twin peaks rn tho). two when i was like 8 years old i saw my dad watching doctor who (hes like. a Big fan) and then i was like omg whats this and then he proceeded to watch a bunch of the (reboot) show with me so i have a vague knowledge of the series (plus nostalgia bias)(mostly towards eleven). SO ANYWAYS due to the influence to a friend (shout out to u bestie) iiiiim gonna try to watch as much as i can i DONT know when ill decide to stop. probably when i get bored. SO. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO. heres my rankings. (spoilers to follow)

Series 1

it them

total season average: 7/10 ngl i loved the last half of this season so so much like in terms of the show as a whole thats probably been my fave part (of this rewatch) so far. however some of the beginning is a lil rocky orz.which kinda explains the relatively middling average. like theres a lot of REALLY good moments and story plot stuff but also a lot of stuff thats a bit ehhhh,, still great tho and nine is amazing ^^!!!!

1.1 Rose: 8/10 IDK WHAT ELSE TO SAY but absolutely iconic pilot. i actually watched this a while ago so i cant remember all the exact details but like. yippee. i should probably rewatch sometime.

1.2 The End of the World: 8/10
+1 for those shots of the doctor and rose watching the earth blow up. +1 again for the classic ballad being toxic britney spears. absolutely amazing. although the theme drops were a liiiiitle bit out of nowhere or sudden, i do have to appreciate the weirdgirl4weirdgirl energy rose and nine have together here. that shot of them watching the remains of the earth is SO pretty. on second thought actually i think this works rly well to establish a lot of main themes. like. "everything has its time and everything dies". also this tumblr post

1.3 The Unquiet Dead: 6/10

AHH this episode was fun :] points for the wardrobe,,, roses dress,,, SHES SO CUTE I CANT GET OVER IT. i feel like nothing of note really happened here,, but SO worth watching for the character interactions alone. see image above. LIKE JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!

1.4/1.5 Aliens of London/WWIII: 3/10

oh dear. i mean like. okay sure farting aliens. iiiiii did not like this one. character stuff was alright. i like harriet and jackie was cool as always. but i ended up skipping the ep halfway through wwiii i could not take it anymore. +0.5 of a point for rose telling the doctor he looked gay ur so right bestie +0.5 of a point for all the secret information of mankind on a website that looks like but taken down so you get a message that the domain is for sale

1.6 Dalek: 8/10 +1 point for the kys line. iconic. loved the character stuff,,, great show of rose's compassion and yk like. being that human empathetic side that the doctor desperately needs and I WILL CRY ABOUT IT OKAY. SHUT UP. the lore dropping was fun too :] all in all awesome episode hearts emoji

1.7 The Long Game: 4/10 adam annoyed the shit out of me. also i wanted to scream no at the tv when rose gave him her tardis key LIKE NO GIRLIE DONT DO IT. other than that it was a fine episode. like. its kinda unmemorable. i mean i guess you do have to watch it for the season arc BUT STILL. ugh.

1.8 Father's Day: 8/10 ngl i CANNOT believe the doctor let rose see her father die AND THEN go back to that SAME moment. like. GIRLIE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING??? hes so in love and it almost broke the universe. common theme. enjoyed learning more about rose + her family ^^. cgi was a lil goofy but like when is it not. i do have to say at this point i was like "they keep setting the doctor and rose up like ppl in the show keep mistaking them for gf/bf and i mean i get it mainstream tv show but i dont Get it" (transcribed from discord) oh felix from a week ago you've got a big storm coming.

1.9 The Empty Child: 8/10

UGH i loved the creepy wartime setting and just. the setup in general so, so much. absolutely terrifying and offputting and the pacing too was pretty great!! def felt more invested in this episode than compared to like, the long game. didn't feel ultra aged at all ^^. i do have a bit of gripes w/ rose kinda being a bit Off here but i mean it's not That big of a detail. ninejackrose ARE SO FUN TOGETHER. like holy shit their time together as a trio is everythingggggg. i love them so fucking much. love triangle??? NO. polyamory blast beam. bro literally has two hearts what what is there to fight over omg eye roll emoji

1.10 The Doctor Dances: 8/10

THE DANCING WAS SOOOOO. GOD I LOVE THEM. the happy ending was so sweet- esp considering nine's history this win is SUCH a win for him. i love his arc of healing and i think this episode in particular is one that emphasizes that arc the most- altho i think the same thing can be said for the latter half of this season as a whole (lol). in terms of gripes, HOLY SHIT that fucking plot twist i fucking hated it. i dont know whether its because i just finished watching chinatown roman pulanski (throw up emoji) but it gave me SUCH a huge ick. as me from a week ago states, "on one hand i eat up steven moffat's creepy spooky fucked up aesthetic plots like catnip on the other he pulls shit like this and i want to bash my skull in with a rock." also the way he like. basically outed her for her being a teen mom WAS SO NOT IT. like. "old enough to give birth anyway"???? plz be fucking for real he would not say that. minus five billion ten hundred points.

1.11 Boom Town: 9/10

GGGRAHHH this ep is SO CUTE and FUN and oh my god. rose's OUTFIT. the BRAIDS?? i love her. NINEJACKROSE ARE SOOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER. ALL OF THEIR INTERACTIONS ARE SO TOP TIER. i do feel bad for mickey tho the entire *thing* with him constantly getting left out or feeling left out was so :/. nine was so grfdsghgf in this ep esp during the dinner scene. LOVED that entire conversation and interaction. twas v nice to have an ep full of character stuff and the like right before the finale.... calm before the storm...

1.12 Bad Wolf: 9/10

+1 point for jack shoving a gun up his ass. the gameshow setting was v fun!! v over the top, weird, offputting and colorful ^^. loved the slow realization that they're to blame for this specific version of the future happening. the dalek reveal was. great but see the thing is i can't take any of the dalek reveals seriously. because of the fuckass fisheye lens. that effect is SO FUCKING GOOFY. anyways all in all it was just a really good episode!! gogogo nine save ur gf from the trashcans. btw also i wannna say that i love the glowy effects on these daleks specifically like they're too unglowy later. ALSO. "rose im coming to get you" I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. AAUGH. idk if this was in this episode or the next BUT CAPTAIN JACK'S GOODBYE KISSES WERE SOOO SWEET. WAUGH.

1.13 The Parting of the Ways: 10/10
ofc i have to use this image like is that even a question

top ten romantic date ideas😍😍😍 i rescue you from the 1.5 million dalek fleet that you ended up in after being put through the most traumatic game show experience in your life. +.5 point for rose and nine's homophobic dog moments. also. GOD the bad wolf scene makes me feel SO insane. just. ROSE. in general. her devotion is literally EVERYTHIG. AND ALSO how happy the doctor sounds when he says "that's what i see all the time" like OH MY GOD. they make me feel like eating glass. AND THE THE FACT THAT NINE DIED WHILE KISSING ROSE AND TEN WAS BORN OUT OF LOVE FOR HER IM GONING TO BE SERIOUSLY ILL THEYRE. AUUUUUGHHGH. WHAT THE FUCK. love love love that scene so much omfg :sob: and. "i think you need a doctor" DURING THE MST EMOTIONAL MOMENT TOO BRO IS SO CHEESY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. GOD. top ten lines of all time. overall, i really liked the scale of how this finale was executed!! the slow realization of who bad wolf was and who was really behind all of this was great :D.

1.14 The Christmas Invasion: 8/10 i feel like you can't dislike deadly spinning christmas trees. rose totally floundering was a bit hard to watch but it's totally understandable cuz the guy shes in love w just exploded into light and this time she doesn't have the doctor to save everything (well, up till the end),and if i were her id be totally floundering too. i think it also just goes to show her development throughout s2 :] loved harriet in this episode too :]. and in the end,,, the doctor and rose holding hands and looking at the stars,,, once again i am so unwell.

okay thats it for now see u in the next part aka. season twoooooo !!!! funny fact tho im writing this rn im actually on s3 ep2 erm. ill try to keep the spoilers to their respective parts tho. have a superwholock image i dug up from the heritage posts account as a goodbye gift this image maed me feel like coughing up glass