doctor who (re?)watch

part three electric boogalee


series 3

total season average: ???/10 this season we get to see

3.1 Smith and Jones: 7/10 i too would like to gnaw on david tennants neck

3.2 The Shakespeare Code 4/10 i mean it wasn't bad and shakespeare was fun i guess but it wasn't very good either. like. idk if i really have anything to say about this episode. minus 1 point for reminding me jk rowling actually exists

3.3 Gridlock: 9/10 in which new new york has bad new york traffic but instead of being just bad its REALLY fucking bad new york traffic. with deadly crabs at the bottom. wild ass concept but absolutely a hit. had a lot of nice character moments!! i really liked getting to see the designs and individuality of every party's cars :]. a very plotty episode, but turned out really well.

3.4 Daleks in Manhattan: 6/10 in which there are daleks in new york. and pig people. it's a fun romp! not anything particularly special but it's not a horrible time either.

3.5 Evolution of the Daleks: 7/10 in which the cult of skaro creates a new human/dalek hybrid species. an alright episode. erm. i do have questions about the fact that the humans ended up being like dalek/human but also partially time lord like doesnt that have some Implications. i mean like whatever i guess it didnt pan out to anything but arent there some Implications there.

3.6 The Lazarus Experiment: ??/10 i skipped this one didn't feel like watching that cgi

3.7 42: 7/10 in which the doctor and martha are trapped on a cargo ship about to collide with a sun- in 42 minutes. which just happens to be the episode's runtime :]. I liked the "happens in real time" concept however i did not like the lighting or energy of this episode AT ALL. that's just on me though lmao. very solid amount of time spent on tent screaming his lungs out. get his ass. enjoyed the martha (+ family drama) + doctor character stuff here too :]. idk if you can tell but im a bit tired of the trapped on a spaceship going to get destroyed while an unknown entity chases them and thats the whole problem-type episodes.

3.8 Human Nature: 8/10 tbh if i were martha i would have just jumped off the nearest cliff at this point. in which the doctor and martha are being chased by SOMETHING and need to hide out for a while, leading to the doctor disguising himself as a human professor in a pre-wwi era boarding? school. however, the catch is that he's overwritten himself to be a human named john smith (GOOD FUCKING BYE LMAO) and his entire being is kept in a conveniently easy to lose pocket watch. okay. holy shit this episode has so much. i don't really know where to start. other than that im loving the total all-out on the historical dress it's quite nice :]. the premise is quite intriguing too! especially seeing the doctor be. well. not doctory for once. god i feel so bad for martha here HANG ON BESTIE. legit what the fuck is up w this season she keeps getting sent on either side quests or just bad things happening to her all the time holy fuck.

3.9 The Family of Blood: 8/10 oh this episode is FUCKED UP. FUCKED UP AND EVIL. in a good? way though. in this episode, we get to see the schoolboys prepare for a battle they really shouldn't be fighting, to be honest, i think this is the first episode that made me think. oh theyre FUCKED fucked this time. of course I know our main characters will make it out in time, but oh man. with the pocket watch missing and John Smith being. well, human, the tension was HIGH. i feel like I should also mention how I never really saw John as his own person until now. despite being a mysogynistic, racist (probably due to the time period but WOW he fucking pissed me off) bumbling idiot, his death was impactful and the ethical conversation that arose when they needed the doctor back was interesting to watch. also includes the doctor being fucked up and Not A Very Good Person. points for that ig. minus ten million points for making martha go through all of that even if the doctor being a human was a real interesting setup. seeing that this is the same guy who wrote fathers day uhhh. cool themes and stuff but like god damn maybe some better companion treatment jeezus. like rose in fathers day was a little "she would not fucking do that" and here its just. The Narrative punching martha in the gut over and over. like its supposed to be fucked up obviously it just feels like. her pain wasn't acknowledged by the narrative to the extent it should have been.

3.10 Blink: 10/10 in which i debate on whether or not to watch this cause i did watch it like two days ago but come on i could stand for another rewatch.

3.11 Utopia: 10/10 listen i am WEAK for character study moments. i loved getting to hear about what happened after last season's fnale, loved jack as always, and loved the doctor's + yana's interactions.

3.12 The Sound of Drums: 10/10 with every day that passes i get more and more insane about this finale. its so wonderfully dark,, the tardis cannibalizing itself,, humanity cannibalizing themselves,, god. ten million points for the voodoo child and i cant decide needle drops. iconic. also the saxon master is just. So. kiss me kill me???? im so fucking obsesed. god this finale is so fucking fun.

3.13 The Last of the Time Lords: 9/10 tbh if i were martha i would have just jumped off the nearest cliff at this point (2). while i do love the trend of the doctor out of the situation to raise the stakes so much ended up being on marthas shoulders :( anyways. wild fucking episode. crazy and bonkers how the doctor had a dog bowl on the valiant. get a room. i dont actually mind the jesus ending now cuz like. its what it is. absolutely bonkers behavior to cry and sob and forgive the master in front of the people he hurt the most for an entire year lmao. i mean i get it but also. re: cliff statement. side eye for some of the story elements in here but otherwise had amazing character moments yup!

3.14 Voyage of the Damned: 8/10 titanic in space. fucking hilarious episode ten million points.