doctor who (re?)watch

part EXTRA


woah. another page?? cray cray

yeah this one's just for the miscellaneous episodes i watch now and then when i get sick of following the plot. wahoo!


9.10 Face the Raven: 10/10

9.11 Heaven Sent: 10/10

9.12 Hell Bent: 10/10 ASHILDR: You know why we run, Doctor? DOCTOR: Because it's fun. ASHILDR: Because we know summer can't last forever. DOCTOR: Of course it can. Of course it can. You just have to steal a time machine. DOCTOR [OC]: It'll be like our friendship never happened. ASHILDR [OC]: That may not be what she wants. DOCTOR [OC]: I've done it before. Usually, I do it telepathically, but this time, I've got something better. CLARA: What were you doing to me?
DOCTOR: I'm trying to keep you safe.
CLARA: Why? Nobody's ever safe. I've never asked you for that, ever. These have been the best years of my life, and they are mine. Tomorrow is promised to no one, Doctor, but I insist upon my past. I am entitled to that. It's mine.
DOCTOR: Oh, Clara Oswald. What am I doing? You're right. You're always, always right.
DOCTOR: You and me together. Look how far I went, for fear of losing you. This has to stop. One of us has to go. (Clara gives him back his sunglasses, which he puts in his inside pocket.) CLARA: You really don't know which? DOCTOR: Let's find out. Let's do it like we've done everything else. Together. (They both hold the neural block.) CLARA: How about we just don't? Why don't we just fly away somewhere? DOCTOR: Oh, that'd be great, wouldn't it? CLARA: God, yeah. DOCTOR: Good luck, Clara. CLARA: Good luck, Doctor.

??.1 The Star Beast: 9/10 so fucking cringe. loved it so much. -1 point for the gender essentialism in the finale in the literal trans episode be so fr rtd what was that line. loved the closure w/ donna - sososo glad that this time, the doctor listened. faced with the choice of saving london at the cost of her life, donna chose to sacrifice herself. and the doctor actually respected her decision and her agency - she dies in his arms as fully, truly donna noble. (well, shes still alive but STILL. the CLOSURE. SOSOSO GOOD.) i would have loved more introspection/angst with donna but idk they didnt have the runtime for that so erm. thats fine lol.


4.10 Midnight: 9/10

7.12 Nightmare in Silver: 8/10


5.10 Vincent and the Doctor: 8/10

3.10 Blink: 10/10 GOD I LOVE THIS EPISODE. i mean everyone loves it. so that isnt a groundbreaking statement BUT OHHHH MY GOD. the story, the aesthetic, the direction, the cinematography is all just done so well. i love it sm. i do have to say its better on a first viewing BUT MANNNN. i fucking love the angels concept of stealing the potential of what could have been. these bitches scared the shit out of me when i saw this episode as a child. the fact that the weeping angels in the back don't move because the camera is pointed at them??? the vine boom tiger roar cheesy sfx??? amazing. sally is so loveable as a protagonist and the world that blink creates, one totally of outsiders who arent in on everything who don't know whats going on, is SO intruiging. like even tho sally has plot armor its still far less than what the doctor has. i also like how sally doesnt just spend the rest of her life wondering about the doctor like some of this show's other characters do. so win on that one!!!

7.14 The Day of the Doctor: ???/10 okay the style of this episode legit pissed me off SO much. GOD the constant jumpcuts were annoying as fuck. like i get the point already you dont need to tell us that the glass was broken from the inside then show eleven picking up the glass THAT WAS BROKEN ON THE INSIDE BY THE WAY then show us stock footage of glass breaking AND THEN TELL US THAT IT WAS BROKEN ON THE INSIDE AGAINNNNNN LIKE PLEASE I GET IT ALREADYYYYY. i cant tell if the reason why i was confused was cuz i kinda watched it as a standalone but it felt like half of this episode was just showing the same stuff over and over with weirdly cut, dreamy editing while saying stuff that just kinda went over my head and then . yknow what whtever i dont even care anymore. dont even worry about it.