so much for stardust listening party reactions!!

most of this is transcribed from my sketchbook lol


Ok. so first of all the crowd was a lil dead and idk what i was expecting but everyone was just standing around and bobbing their head while on their phones LMAO. and there was someone standing next to me that was cool and complimented my outfit but idfk what to start a conversation with so rip me ig gfdskjlas sob. also i dont remember the tracklist i def missed a song or two?? or one of them was a transition song?? who knows
1+2 were love from the other side and heartbreak feels so good thumbs up emoji
3. hold me like a grudge: So apparently patrick was at a stoplight and he checked his phone and pete sent him lyrics and he was so inspired he wrote the song in the car????bestie??? anyways it reminds me of srar
4. fakeout: there was a high note at the beginning of the chorus and i thought it slayed and it was also pretty upbeat slay. also i was in a weird spot for these two songs so i could Not decipher any of the lyrics LMAO. also sounded srarish
5. heaven, iowa: ghis onee was pretty dramatic. i swear i heard something about star crossed lovers? also sounded srarish
6. so good right now: this one sounds like all the single ladies
7. the pink seashell: so the song i thought was the pink seashell ended up being i am my own muse? so either the entirety of the pink seashell was the monologue with ocean noises or i missed a whole ass song BYE
8. i am my own muse: OK THIS ONE FUCKED there was a whole strings section and i think patrick said holy shit in the chorus?? lyrics i caught include “lets trust the knife again like we did last summer” i Dont know what that means. also the entire song is GORGEOUS like it FUCKED
9. flu game: there was a funky filter on the guitar strings in the beginning that made it sound like,, more oldish like smth my dad would play LMAO umm there was also clapping on the off beats/syncopation a buncha times :O lyrics i caught include “all this love ive got to keep to myself all this effort to make it look effortless “
10. baby annihilation: oh and pete had a slam poetry section at the end? i thought that was a part of the last track but looking at the tracklist that was a whole other song. i only counted 11 tracks initially BYE anyways lyrics for that include "the first time i took the mask off tjere was another underneath” “self sabatoge at best but under the snow(i def did not hear half of this right)”
11. the kitsinugi kid (ten years): something about ten years in the lyrics. (WOW NO SHIT IT HAD TEN YEARS IN THE LYRICS THATS THE SUBTITLE HELP) oh and this one sounded srarish too
12. what a time to be alive: OMG THIS WAS MY SECOND FAV. ok so patrick said in the beginning that it was special to him and that it was his baby. so apparently they wrote this before the pandemic? but it ended up being weirdly omnipresent and patrick pronounced “omnipresent” weird cuz he only reads it and never says it relatable content!!! oh and he played all the brass on it before they brought in a whole band Anyways this one sounded like something off soul punk it was rly cool :O and i think i heard “i never felt much like medication” “ everything is (?????) like seratonin” “we’re never looking back”
13. so much for stardust there was piano strings choir etc etc . and andy changes drum kits mid song?? damn!1 lyrics i heard include “life is just a dream im stuck in” “so much for stardust light it up” “i need the sound of crowds or i cant fall asleep tonight” AND THERE WAS A LOVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE CALLBACK LETS GOOOO it sounded v nocturnal. reminded me kind of like ive got all this ringing on my ears but none on my fingers' chorus
closing words patrick said that they were a weird band that shouldnt be on the radio or playing arena concerts but thanks to the fans they are :,) . “if my stupid facr can be on a teen magazine yours can be too” WHAT IF I CRIED HUH??
so anyways in conclusion the album slayed i liked it my dad said it was fine and sometimes my brain is funny so who knows the songs might sound completely fuckin different on my seconf listen in like 5 or 6 days who knows lol